Thursday, February 18, 2010

Andrea Moller Biography

Andrea was born in Brazil and raised on a small Island called Ilhabela. Growing up on her families Marina, Andrea has been exposed to ocean sports from the time she could walk. She always had her family’s support to be the best competitive athlete that she could be. In Brazil, Andrea was a top medalist in swimming, biking and windsurfing. She moved to Maui in ‘98 to be a professional windsurfer.

As the windsurf competitions faded in the Hawaiian Islands, Andrea fell in love with the Maui lifestyle and dedicated her life to many other water sports.

Today her passion is surfing big waves and paddling outrigger canoe. Andrea started paddling in 1999 to keep herself physically trained for surfing and windsurfing, but eventually decided to take paddling more seriously.

She competes in every outrigger race from one-man to six man-canoe all year round. She’s won many medals and titles as a paddler including Channel crossings like Maui to Molokai, Molokai to Oahu and Tahitian Race Hawaiki Nui Va’a. For the past 3 years Andrea has been a part of Team Bradley, winner of five consecutive Na Wahine O Ke Kai women’s canoe race.
In 2005, Stand up Paddling became another water sport in Andrea’s repertoire. She crossed the Kaiwi channel in 2005 competing among the men. Andrea teamed up with Maria Souza that year and they became the first female stand up team to cross the Molokai to Oahu channel. Andrea is always looking for opportunities to push herself in the ocean, so as SUP was emerging as a new water sport, Andrea continued to break into uncharted territory as a water woman athlete in Hawaii.

Putting all these ocean sports aside, Andrea Moller is a big wave surfer at heart. Charging thirty foot + waves at “Jaws” is at the root of Andrea’s passion, and is the truest expression of her power as an athlete. Today she is dedicated to surfing the biggest waves on Maui. She has been Tow-in surfing Peahi or “Jaws” since 2004 and became the first woman to drive the jet-ski, making rescues in high surf conditions. And even more impressive, Andrea is the only woman to Paddle-in at Jaws.

Andrea Moller’s goal is to take women’s big wave surfing into a different level, pushing the limits of her surfing while excelling as a paddler. She wants to motivate men and women to tap their potential, be a role model to young athletes, and represent the heart and soul of her sports, all the while promoting her sponsors with aloha and professionalism.

Andrea Moller is a rare breed of an athlete: mentally and physically strong, who’s built for the challenges of big wave surfing; but more importantly, Andrea has a heart of gold that’s expressed through her humility and camaraderie with others.

Filmmaking accomplishments include:
“Wave Chasers” by Warren Miller - Discovery/Travel Channel\
Extreme Mom’s - Rebel Media

Current Sponsors:
Da Kine
Neil Pryde Maui
Maui Surfer Girls

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